What Villari’s is all about!

Recently, Villari’s in Chalfont, Ambler, Harleysville and Chester Springs  raised money for charities as a group with Kickathons, helping Manna on Main Street in Lansdale and Uwchlan Ambulance. As an organization, Villari’s has always striven to be more than just a “Karate School” and the Kickathons are certainly a part having raised over $10,000 this year alone. Our instructors all care about the students progress in the martial arts, but also in reinforcing the Three Rules of the School, Self Discipline, Respect and Self Control.

When students take these examples from Villari’s (and from their parents and perhaps school teachers and other influences, of course) and go and do things on their own that make us all realize that we can do so much for our community, we feel like it should be recognized. Below, we share 2 stories:

William MacSkimming, a member of our Leadership Program, recently donated some of his own time to help out Dog Town Rescue. He helped for hours with the pet adoption event they were holding.

Thank you William for helping great dogs find great homes! (I’m sure playing with puppies wasn’t the worst part of your day!)



And then even more recently, the story of an amazing kid (and my favorite Mets fan, sorry to my family!)

Conner Sehn recently had a birthday. Sure, for our birthdays, we always look forward to our gifts, our “stuff” we get. Connor, however, asked for his 5th birthday “presents” to go to the SPCA. His family and friends chipped in and he raised quite a bit for them.

We’re very proud of many of our students for what they do to help in the community, and these are just two recent examples of how the selflessness of one person can help SO many others!

Thank you William and Connor. We hope we can all follow the example you have set for us. You are OUR heroes!


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