Membership Options:

The Instructors Training Program

The Instructors Training Program isn’t for everyone, but it might be for you!

Learning to help others is one of the most amazing and rewarding experience you can have!

Seeing the look on the face of a student when they finally “get it” is priceless.

Being able to guide others on their martial arts journey can be motivating to your own training!

Teaching others is one of the best ways to truly discover more about what you thought you already knew!

You’ll get the opportunity to learn techniques for teaching each different age group, different ability levels, and learn how to discipline appropriately and work with special needs students.

Learn how to do it first, then try it with actual classes as the instructor is there for backup to help you along and give you feedback, you’ll learn what you need to do to motivate and teach others, perhaps run your own classes or even open your own Dojo some day!

As with all of our membership options, there are a few important details to know about this program.

  • We schedule an Instructors Training Course around the participants schedule.

  • We keep the class small to provide maximum personalization of the class.

  • You’re taught how to teach the different age groups, what works and doesn’t, etc.

  • You don’t become some robotic clone of a generic martial arts instructor. You learn what works for YOU that helps YOU teach your way, while still teaching the necessary skills and required techniques to the classes.

  • Must be at least a High School Graduate and Green belt in the Villari’s System.