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Villari’s Self Defense Centers specialize in personal growth and development, emphasizing character, leadership, and personal safety skills. Our approach to education provides students with skills that will directly impact their success into every area of their life.


Through dedication to our students and our commitment to providing quality training, we feel that we can offer you the best service in the area. Through a blend of traditional martial arts and modern self-defense, Grandmaster Fred Villari’s system combines what he considers the most practical applications of Japanese and Chinese styles, emphasizing not only effective fighting techniques and defensive strategies, but also how to develop a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle through martial arts training.

“I highly recommend Villari’s. I’ve taken my two kids to several different types of classes and this is the best bang for your buck because it addresses so many aspects of child development – mentally and physically – AND – it’s so fun! They demand (and get!) respect. They teach and play with the kids on their varying levels, the kids get a lot of exercise for a healthy life, they learn how to protect and defend themselves which boosts their self-confidence. I always say that it’s the people that make or break a class, not the program, and Sensei Paul and Sensei Missy know how to motivate and encourage all types of kids to do their best. It’s really a great place to be.”
Jennifer M.
“It’s the best family atmosphere to bring your kids! My 15 year old started because she saw how much fun her sister and I were having. The instructor really takes his time with each individual and prepares them for everything.”
Melissa D.
“We really enjoy our dojo and we think the instructors work very well with our kids! The skills and knowledge that our kids have from their teachings are greatly appreciated; keep up the great work guys!”
Tony P.
“My son and daughter have been part of Villari’s for the past four years. I cannot say enough positive things about our experience. Both have had confidence issues in different areas of their life, and I can say without hesitation that what they are learning at Villari’s has helped make significant improvements in their self-esteem. They learn in such a fun, stress-free environment to be confident and strong not only in their body movement but also in their voices. It has also been a great opportunity to reinforce the values that are so important to our family, such as community service, personal responsibility, peer encouragement, and true leadership opportunities for all ages. Thank you Master Pfister and Villari’s Chalfont!”
Megan F.
“The instructors are very professional and take a personal interest in the progress of their individual students. I highly recommend this school for instilling a sense of self confidence, discipline and physical training. It has been a great experience for my son!”
Carol T.
“An awesome place to have kids of any age learn respect, self control, and self discipline! We’ve been involved with Villari’s since 2011; we have all learned and grown from our experiences here! The instructors will make you feel welcome from your first kiai!”
Greg S.


Our instructors are Black Belts in Shaolin Kempo Karate and are trained to teach children. They become familiar with every child, learning their names, strengths and areas for improvement. Instruction is tailored to the needs of your child in a group setting.

At Villari’s, earning a Black Belt does not entitle someone to teach. The Villari’s Instructor Training Program teaches instructors how to teach students in an interesting and entertaining way. In addition, all of our instructors and classroom assistants receive monthly training to enhance their skills and ensure a consistent teaching environment.

Villari’s certified black belt instructors have studied extensively for years to qualify as part of the Villari’s Self Defense Centers team, and they undergo continuous advanced training to keep their skills sharp and fresh.




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