Our Mission

Our mission is to provide every man, woman and child the highest quality of martial arts training so that they become empowered to live richer, more rewarding and meaningful lives, and in so doing, contribute to a stronger community.



The art of Shaolin Kempo Karate and Ju-Jitsu

More than 50 years ago, Fred Villari realized after training in many different styles of martial arts that no one style fit all the needs to defend against all different types of potential attackers. Some styles favored larger practitioners, or favored grappling or striking or kicking.

He realized that when you boiled all the styles down, there were FOUR WAYS OF FIGHTING; Striking, Kicking, Grappling and Felling. By learning many different arts, Grandmaster Villari was able to combine and develop a style that could not only be effective against any type of attack, but would also fit the practitioner, rather than make the practitioner fit the style, as most traditional styles tended to do.

Incorporating the different styles he’d learned, he began teaching, developing and continued to make adjustments and changes as he learned more.

He mainly drew from:

  • KARATE. Japanese styles of martial arts are known for having very powerful strikes and kicks, linear movements, as well as sturdy stances.
  • KEMPO. A style of martial arts that incorporates fast strikes and multiple angles of attacks.
  • SHAOLIN KUNG FU. Chinese styles often incorporate movements that allow the defender to utilize the attackers strength or momentum against them by using various attacking and yielding strategies.
  • Ju-Jitsu. Japanese grappling that utilizes leverage and balance to defeat a stronger opponent.
  • Chin-Na. The Chinese art of grappling based on the white tiger utilizes grappling in a way that allows the attackers mistakes to be exploited and strength and size to be used against them.

Ultimately, the Villari’s Shaolin Kempo Karate style is designed for learning effective self defense for absolutely anyone.

3 Rules of The School

The Villari’s Martial Arts Kids Program is built around the foundation of our “3 Rules of the School.”

Villari’s Self-Defense Centers believe we have a responsibility to use martial arts to foster the development of strong character in America’s youth. Our program is designed to balance your child’s physical development with the concepts of Self Discipline, Respect, and Self Control.

  • Self-Discipline – Doing the things I know I should do without having to be asked or told.
  • Respect for Others – Treating others the way I would like to be treated.
  • Self-Control – Controlling my behavior to fit the situation and being responsible for my actions.

These rules provide the foundation for developing your child’s character skills, which leads to success in all other areas of life. Students are encouraged, rewarded, and reminded to follow these 3 Rules at home, in school, and at the Dojo.

Villari’s uses these rules to develop and reinforce the strength of character that is needed to resist peer pressure, drugs and alcohol and all the other forces that make growing up today such a tremendous challenge.