What we do with and for the community!

Villari’s Gives Back!

Villari’s Self Defense Centers all give back in some way to their community. The Villari’s locations in PA give back in many ways. If you wish to contact us about any of the below events, please e-mail us at

Big Check 2022


Annual Kick-A-Thon for Charity

Villari’s Self Defense Centers in PA hold an annual Kick-a-Thon for charity

Students collect pledges and perform 500 kicks on the day of the event.

The full event usually lasts about 3 hours and includes a DJ, kid and family friendly activities, various martial arts experiences, prizes, vendor tables, TONS of raffles donated by local businesses, face painting, Karate demonstrations and at the end of the event, 8th Degree Black Belt Master Harry Pfister performs a brick breaking exhibition breaking 50 concrete blocks with his hands, feet and elbows.

At the end of this energetic, positive, fun event, there’s a BIG CHECK PRESENTATION to a representative from Manna on Main Street ( and a photo op for all the students.

This event has been going since 2008 and has raised $125,000 for charity in those years, including a record of $13,000 in 2021!

Free Self Defense Classes

Whether it’s for a local organization, a group of friends, or just an “open to the public” class, we offer these classes for free throughout the year. (We usually ask for a small donation that goes to a local charity, but this is optional)

We have held self defense classes for:

  • Young adults going away to college
  • Church youth groups
  • Summer camps
  • Scouts
  • Employees of various businesses
  • A neighborhood recently experiencing multiple break ins
  • Various health care organizations

If you would like to find out more information about upcoming classes, or organize your own (for 5 or more participants) contact us.

Community Projects

Villari’s Self Defense Centers has a special program for students who want to both learn self defense, AND be involved in helping others. It’s appropriately called the LEADERSHIP PROGRAM, and it encourages and trains students to help others and be a part of outside events.

Some examples:

  • We have been involved in park and street side clean ups projects.
  • We have raised money and food for Manna on Main Street and other local charities.
  • Master Pfister is the Honorary chair for the Florence Nightingale Challenge where he and others help local businesses be a bigger part of helping our local community.
  • We once got a phone call from one of the other businesses trying to support Manna with a car wash, but many of their planned volunteers were unable to make it. We asked for volunteers from our Leadership Program and ended up sending over enough people to help to make their event a great success!
  • We do free self defense classes for local groups and businesses.
  • We will come and be a part of many local fairs and events.
  • We have done Karate demonstrations at over 50 business grand openings over the years to help attract attention for the new business.
  • We have been a part of many local elementary, middle and high school events teaching self defense lessons to hundreds of people at a time!

If you would like to contact us regarding anything we can do to help each other out, please email us.

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