Membership Options:

The Advanced Training Program

The A.T.P. Member Program is the right program for the student who wants to get more out of their training by combining group and more focused ATP sessions. 

No matter the age or ability of the student, some just want to learn more! Whether you want to ask a million questions, get “deeper” with your understanding of what you’re learning, or refine what you think you already know, the ATP MEMBER PRORGRAM provides you that very opportunity.

Group lessons work on generalized topics, increasing skills and knowledge for the entire class. Students of varying ranks all can learn the skills at their own level, but there’s usually a general theme to the class for all.

The ATP sessions (30 minutes in Dojo or 15 minutes on Zoom) are for focusing on the individual needs of each student. With a limited number of students allowed in each session, the instructor is able to focus on each student, no matter what’s needed most for them. Questions are encouraged and they help guide the instructor to work on the most important skills for each student in that session.

As with all of our membership options, there are a few important details to know about this program.

  • FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE, meaning you can attend any 2 classes each week in the appropriate age group. You don’t have to stick with the same class each week.

  • NO CONTRACTS. You can cancel at any time, for any reason. No fees, no month or more notice needed. Just let us know!

  • ENROLLMENT GUARANTEE. As long as you’re a member, you can make up missed classes in other weeks, even months later.

  • FREEZE POLICY. You can “freeze” classes for up to 8 weeks total in each calendar year.

  • TRAINED, CERTIFIED and QUALIFIED INSTRUCTORS. All of our instructors are screened and have passed our Instructors College Training Program, which teaches you how to teach different age groups, learn to be proactive, handle different ability levels and special need students appropriately.

  • SEVERAL PAYMENT OPTIONS to fit your needs.