Be Positive!

I’m an insanely positive person (some would emphasize the “insane” portion of that description, they may not be wrong) and can always find a good side of things, or a good way to look at things, or find a perspective about any negative that can be viewed as positive in some way.

Over the years, I’ve read about and seen ways that a positive or negative attitude had a direct effect on the outcome.

It’s not always easy to see things in a positive light. Most of my students haven’t had to deal with bullies or abusive relationships, but some have, and it hurts me deeply that this has to exist in the world.

The internet and the ability to reach out to anyone you know instantly with your phone is an amazing thing, but can certainly be a negative influence in your life if you let it.

We have all seen discussions downgrade into name calling, cyber bullying, and even outright death threats over a difference in opinion.

I have personally seen the results of a student of mine who was cyber bullied by a former friend who kept their text messages from years prior and used them to make others hate them and make their time in school miserable.

I was something like a “loner” or a “nerd” in high school. I never felt I fit in with any particular group. I can empathize with people who feel like outcasts, odd balls, or like they don’t fit in. You know what? I bet there’s more people who feel like that than don’t, so that would make us “odd balls” the majority! Odd ducks, UNITE!

I’ve seen and experienced the negative effects, and yet, I stay positive.

I’ve talked with students who were being bullied, and yet, I stay positive.

I’ve talked with students who were just having a bad day and needed to get it all out, and yet, I stay positive.

How? Why?

It’s simple, really. I think people are awesome.

An old joke: “We spend the 1st two years of our lives being taught to walk and talk, then the rest of our lives being told to sit down and shut up.” -Neil deGrasse Tyson. (I don’t know if he said it first, but a quick google search said he said it at least once, so I’ll give him credit! He’s awesome!)

Well, I don’t think that kid should shut up, I think they should tell me everything they want to tell me! They think it’s important, who am I to say it’s not?!  (I’ve had many parents over the years ask me where I get my patience to listen to their child tell a story that goes on and on….well….because it actually DOES interest me! Plus…I’m not one to say someone who tells long stories should be reigned in!)

I don’t think that highly energetic kid needs to settle down, I think he needs to use his energy and find a positive outlet.

Someone may not get good grades, but I bet they’re good at something, maybe even better than everyone else at that something! We should help them find that thing!

The vast majority of people I’ve met in my life at this point have been my students. My students have taught me, more than anything, how awesome people are.

I’ve seen students overcome personal challenges, no matter what type or how extreme. That has been one of my favorite things in my life.

I’ve seen them go from quiet and shy, to confident and well spoken.

I’ve seen them go from insecure followers, to confident leaders.

I’ve seen them go from uncoordinated and unsure, to confident and skilled.

I’ve seen them go from someone who didn’t want anyone to watch them, to someone with the confidence to get in front of people and show their skills.

I’ve seen them go from being afraid to stand out from the crowd, to someone has the confidence in themselves to WANT to stand out from the crowd.

All of the above had to do with CONFIDENCE. Confidence in yourself, confidence in others, and the confidence others have in you can all have a profound effect on the end result!

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right” -Henry Ford

If no one wanted to stand out, if we all just wanted to “fit in”, how many great innovations or ideas or inventions would have been dismissed as too ‘out there’ and squashed?! So many of the great things we have now are because someone thought outside the box, and had the confidence in that thought to act on it. How awesome is that?

Because the people in my life have proven to me over and over again that they’re amazing, it has helped me remain positive, in spite of daily negativity that I may face. I have the confidence in everyone that they CAN do it…no matter what “it” is!

When I sign some of my e-Mails “Thanks for continuing to be awesome”, I mean it.

You’re awesome. Keep it up! Thank you!

Master Harry Pfister
(Sheer awesomeness, at large.)

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