2022 PA Regional Tournament



What we have planned

On Saturday October 15th, 2022 we will be holding our tournament for the students of Villari’s Self Defense Centers in PA. Students may participate in any of several events.

Villari’s Self Defense Centers conducts these tournaments as an opportunity for students from all Villari’s schools to meet in a spirit of fun and friendly competition, where


Sparring: In many ways Sparring resembles a game of tag. The object is to score a point to a legal target area. A point is scored when a punch or kick is thrown toward a legal target area on the opponent. Legal target areas include: Front of the body from belt to top of head, sides of body and head, and back of head. No points are scored to the back of the body or below the belt. Discretion is used according to rank as to the degree of precision and control needed to score a point. Parents are encouraged to outfit their children with a complete set of foam sparring gear. Foam gear is worn only to protect against accidental contact, not to encourage contact.

Forms, Weapons Forms, Musical Forms, Synchronized Forms

Forms are prearranged sets of moves designed to develop fighting skills. Judges give a score based on the following : Balance, Precision, Power, Concentration and Spirit. All forms are judged on an individual basis according to rank, not against the other competitors. In this manner, all competitors have an equal chance of winning. Synchronized Forms are for teams of THREE competitors only. Forms will be judged as stated above, AND how “together” the group performs.

Self Defense

Competitors will perform Two or Three pre-arranged techniques for the judges with a partner as the attacker. Judges will award points based on control, precision, power, and spirit. Students should pick their own partner, but we can find one if needed!


Students who have completed at least one BREAKING CLINIC may participate in this event. Students will set up their breaks (boards or bricks) in advance and when directed will attempt each break in sequence. Judging takes into account the difficulty of the break, the materials broken, and how much is actually broken. Note: Attempting to break 5 but only breaking 4 boards may not be judged as better than another break where 3 are attempted and all 3 are broken. Breaking all of what you set up is better than attempting too many and failing to complete the break.

Important Info!

WHAT: Pa Regional Tournament is an annual event where students get to compete and show off all they’ve learned. Not like anything you’ve seen on TV or in movies, our tournaments are fun, safe and an empowering experiences for all….oh….and TROPHIES!

WHERE: Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School,
1345 Sumneytown Pike, Gwynedd Valley, PA  19437

WHEN: Saturday, 10/15/22 from 8:00am to 3:00 PM. Full Schedule will be posted here and handed out to all participants.

WHO: All Villari’s students of Villari’s Self Defense Centers in Pennsylvania. Students from Mechanicsburg, Harleysville, Ambler and Chalfont locations will compete!

WHY: Tournaments are an important part of growth in the martial arts. Just getting out there and trying a tournament, or competing for the 20th time, students gain confidence and insight into themselves.

Schedule of Events

Times are approximate and may be adjusted during the day based on division size or other factors.

All events will be announced as rings become available. This is NOT necessarily the order of events.

8:30 AM

Black Belt Junior & Teen Self Defense
Black Belt Junior & Teen Forms
Black Belt Junior Sparring
Black Belt Teen Sparring

Adult Black Belt Self Defense
Adult Black Belt Forms
Adult Black Belt Men Sparring
Adult Black Belt Women Sparring

Adult Self Defense (White-Brown)
Adult Forms (White-Brown)
Adult Men Sparring (White-Brown)
Adult Women Sparring (White-Brown)

Juniors, Teens and Adults WEAPONS FORMS
Junior, Teen and Adults BLACK BELT WEAPONS FORMS

10:00 AM

Leopard Cubs Forms
Leopard Cubs Boy Sparring
Leopard Cubs Girl Sparring

Junior Self Defense (White-B/S)
Junior Self Defense (Green-Brown)
Teen Self Defense (White-Brown)

Junior Forms (White-B/S)
Junior Forms (Green – Brown)
Teen Forms (White-Brown)

11:30 AM 

Black Belt Finalists

Demo Team Performances

12:00 PM

Junior Boy Sparring (White-B/S)
Junior Girl Sparring (White-Brown)
Junior Boy Sparring (Green-Brown)

Teen Boy Sparring (White-Brown)
Teen Girl Sparring (White-Brown)

Age Divisions:

Leopard Cubs (Ages 4-6)     Junior (Ages 7-11)     Teen (Ages 12-16)     Adult (Ages 17 & Up)

Although your events will only be a portion of the day, we encourage you to come early and stay later to see some of the other events and age groups compete. Watching other events can be almost as much of a learning experience as actually competing!

When to be there:

Please check the tournament schedule carefully for the time of the appropriate event and try to arrive at least 30 minutes to an hour before the event to acclimate yourself and/or your child to the environment.

What to Bring

FULL uniforms or Karate Pants, Villari’s T-shirt & belt should be worn to the tournament.

Bring your weapon if you plan to compete in Weapons Forms.

Bring your breaking materials and any support cinderblocks for your break. Bricks will NOT be supplied. You should also have a towel or card board for under the break to catch pieces and not damage the gym floor.

You may change in the bathrooms that are available. Bring a camera to take pictures or video of the events and of friends/family as they compete.

Make sure you purchase competitor tickets in advance, or you may purchase at the door when you arrive.


For Leopard Cubs Division (Ages 6 & under)
Competition in 1 Event       $35.00
2nd Event is FREE. $10 for each additional event.

For Juniors, Teens or Adults Divisions:
Competition in 1st EVENT      $49.00
2nd Event is FREE.
$10 for each additional event.

Ages 12 and up       $10.00
Ages 4 to 11 Years     $5.00
Ages 3 and under     FREE

Contact your instructor if you have any questions or would like to register with any of the other locations.


New Britain Village Square

4275 County Line Rd.

Chalfont, PA 18914

(215) 997-2222


113 Poplar St

Ambler, PA  19002

(215) 646-9999


2850 Shelly Rd

Harleysville, PA 19438

(215) 256-9356


4930 Carlisle Pike

Mechanicsburg, PA 17050

(717) 975-2111