Villari’s of Chester Springs holds Women’s Self Defense Clinic

Women's Self Defense Clinic for 7th and 8th Grade Girls

Lionville Middle School, Exton, PA

Women’s Self Defense Clinic for girls

Imagine you’re walking to your car, chatting away on your cellphone as you dig for your car keys in your endless pit of a purse when a man approaches you and grabs you by the arm – no help is in sight. What do you do?

It’s a scary scenario, but no city is immune to crime. With that in mind, Villari’s Self Defense Centers of Chester Springs  held a FREE women’s self defense clinic for the 7th and 8th grade girls of the Lionville Middle School in Exton, Pennsylvania. Rather than live in fear, these girls learned how to arm themselves with information about how to avoid dangerous situations and protect themselves in situations they can’t avoid.

The clinic focused on teaching the participants what they can do to increase their personal safety. The clinic began by teaching awareness, reduction, risk prevention and avoidance techniques, and finished with realistic applications of defense tactics.

“With proper training, you will reduce your chances of being attacked and learn techniques to help against an attacker of any size,” said Villari’s Owner and Chief Instructor Paul Manili. “With practice these techniques will be easy to remember and use.”

The Chester Springs school offers FREE Women Safety Programs that help prepare women and enlightened them on what they can do to increase their personal safety, become more aware, and avoid dangerous situations. Villari’s Instructors hope that this training gave each participant more knowledge, techniques, and tools they can utilize in their everyday life.

“We invited the middle school girls because we wanted to arm them with the knowledge and techniques that could potentially save their lives some day,” said Sensei Paul Manili. “You hear the stories on the news all the time: A woman jogging gets attacked. Or a woman walking to her car in a parking lot is forced into a van. We seem to have this false sense of security, a naive view that something like that isn’t going to happen to us. But we need to be prepared!”

For more information on Villari’s of Chester Springs Women Self Defense classes, please visit our Women’s Self Defense page. Also, be sure to visit our Regional Location website to learn more about our Villari’s Martial Arts schools in Pennsylvania.

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