Villari’s of Chalfont Annual Kick-A-Thon

Villari’s of Chalfont has been holding a Kick-A-Thon for charity for the last 10 years. Manna on Main Street is a great local charity that helps out in the Lansdale, North Wales, Hatfield  and the surrounding area in so many ways.

How it works

  • Students of the Chalfont, Harleysville, Ambler and Chester Springs studios ask for pledges to be sponsored. They will be doing 500 kicks, so getting a 1 cent donation pledge is a $5 donation. Students who raise over $50 for the Kick-A-Thon are awarded with a unique design Villari’s Kick-A-Thon T-shirt on the day of the event to wear.
  • On Saturday, June 3rd, 2017, at 12:00, the festivities begin. Face painting, coloring station, and other activities for all to enjoy, plus a great LIVE DJ, Sean Bailey, and a Professional Magician Michael Bonacci will be walking around doing close up magic! We usually have a fire truck for everyone to check out as well!
  • Silent Auction baskets (donated by our families, or local businesses) are available for bids. A perennial favorite is an item we get from the Philadelphia Eagles, usually a signed ball or helmet! (Valued $250-$350 value depending on the signatures!) but we have many other baskets to bid on.
  • At around 1:30 we wrap up the silent auctions and other activities and begin to line up for the 500 kicks. Students will go through the 500 kicks as a group with a LOT of loud Kiais (Martial arts scream!) lead by Master Pfister and other instructors or Leadership Program students.
  • Upon completion of the 500 kicks, we do the BIG CHECK PRESENTATION to the staff of Manna on Main Street. Our goal every year has been $5000, and NOT ONCE have we fallen short of our goal, even raising as much as $11,500 a couple of years ago! (It ALL goes to the charity, not some or part, ALL!)

Food Drive

We also hold a food drive, so anyone wishing to bring in food items to donate, we add it all together! We’ve donated close to a TON of food over the years!

Brick Breaking Exhibition

After ALL of that is done, it’s time for the big finale! Master Pfister will be performing a BRICK BREAKING EXHIBITION! Whether he breaks the 50 bricks or some of his own body parts while trying, it’s quite the show!

So, come early, bring a few dollars to tip the face painting station, bid on a few items in the silent auction, grab some great food (always a great job of cooking some GREAT home cooked food by Chuck Coxhead!) or just drop a few dollars in the donation jar! It all helps and it ALL goes to the charity! Bring friends, have fun, help the community, what more can you ask for!

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