Training with a purpose – getting the most from karate, kempo and Kung fu training

Getting the most out of your karate, kempo, and kung fu training:

When you bow and enter your dojo do you have a plan in mind on what you want to accomplish during that training session?  Perhaps it is to learn a new combination or to improve on a technique you already have.  Maybe you had a bad day so you went to class to blow off some steam or just to forget about your problems for a little while.  Perhaps you have a fitness goal you are trying to reach?

The good news is that all these reasons can be met through your martial arts training.  Your blocks, strikes, kicks, combinations, and forms can meet your objective so long as you train with that purpose in mind.

Do you want to learn or improve a technique? When you enter the dojo clear your mind and focus on your moves.  How do I do it, what does this move accomplish? See the technique working and remember that faster is not always better with this type of goal.

Need to blow off steam from a bad day? Visualize fighting your frustrations and defeating them with every strike, kick or combination you do.  Focus on your breathing and feel the stress fade away.

If fitness is your objective then make it a point to work harder than anyone else in the dojo.  Make your stance lower, strike with more power, kick more than you have done before in class.  Make it your goal to be the student who is sweating the most at the end of class.

Train with intention and don’t forget to apply the martial principal.  It is after all a martial arts class.

In closing, remember to give your training a purpose and you will always feel as if you accomplished something.

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