Kickathon for Manna on Main Street

On June 3rd, 2017,  Villari’s of Chalfont and Villari’s of Harleysville held it’s 10th annual Kick-a-thon for charity!

We raised $8000 and HUNDREDS of pounds of food raised for Manna on Main St, a local charity located in Lansdale.

Silent auction items were a big hit. DJ Sean Bailey is always rocking the best music. Magician Michael Bonacci doing close up magic is always a big hit. (And that invisible deck trick…argh!!!! I can’t figure it out!). Thanks to all the staff from Chalfont and Harleysville who make this event SO great!

Thanks to Chalfont fire company for coming by with a big fire truck!

Thanks to all the students for all the kicks and money raised! Thanks to all the people who helped set up the bricks. Thanks to Tom Waltrich and Tyler Williams for putting their lives on the line holding the bricks firmly side kicks. lol. Thanks to the leadership program students for being my big helpers all day! Thanks to Chuck Coxhead for the great food and drink! Thanks Marci and Georgeanna for managing all the donations and everything that goes along with it. Thanks Jenn Foulk for putting together a great scrap book from the students. And thanks to all of my family for helping out all day, and especially my wife, Stephanie Pfister , who doesn’t HAVE to help, in fact I hate asking her to “work” at the kickathon because I’d rather she’s able to just relax and socialize, which makes everyone else enjoy their time more, but she always seems to end up doing more than even I do for this event!

As my adrenaline wears off now, I’m sore from the breaks I missed, but worst of all, blisters on my feet from the hot blacktop! I could barely stand still for a second before it started to hurt, but I didn’t realize till I was done and couldn’t stand on my feet flat! lol Icing my feet now. I’m in for a nice nap soon. (while my wife has to go to work!? Ugh. Sorry).

Thanks to everyone who stopped by, participated, donated, helped, video taped (Ray Leichner and Brian Kissig and many others) and took pics (Leon WienerPaul Gallwey, and many others) Please tag me, Villaris Chalfont and Manna on Main St in your posts if you can! Thanks everyone!!!!!

We will be scheduling our Manna visit to present them with the funds collected and tour the facilities at Manna and not only see how much they do to help, but discuss how we can each help out a little more. Villari’s has always been a community oriented organization and being able to help a local charity with the Kick-a-thon and with our volunteers, we are able to give back to our community.

We look forward to doing even more in the future to help the local community. We offer SELF DEFENSE CLASSES for any groups that would like to organize one, and we ask for an optional $5 donation that goes to Manna on Main St.

Thank you all for your generosity and everyone who helped make this event a success once again!

-Master Harry Pfister

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