2022 Kick-A-Thon
Wrap up!

On 10/1/22, we were given a reprieve from the weather doom-predictions and ended up with pretty decent weather. Not quite sunny, not really warm, a little breezy, but all in all, much better than we expected.

 We had to put the $8000 in donated raffle baskets inside the dojo, along with the ticket sales table, the face painting area and bake sale section, all inside! It made for a packed area, but luckily, were also able to have some activities outside.

Out in front of the Dojo, we had Master Carl Cellini running a fun artwork experience, giving students the chance to express themselves artistically in a small section of a large canvas. Every time I went out there, there was more cool drawings!

Right next to him was Sensei Dave and his VR HEADSET EXPERIENCE. This activity seemed to get more popular as the event went on, and we even had some people taking their turn after we starting kicking!

We tried something for the first time this year, outside Mini-Golf. 9 holes of golf, with clubs and balls and scorecards, turned out to be a big hit! (And a source of one of my favorite feedback moments as I heard some of the older kids were helping the younger ones not hit like they were at a driving range. Kids who didn’t know each other minutes before, helping each other out. LOVE THIS!)

Around 1:30/2:00 or so, we started lining up to do the kicking to officially “earn” the pledges the students collected. Master Leon Psculkowski was running the ON LINE Kickathon for those not able to make it in person, as well as in Dojo kicks for his students at Harleysville. It’s NOT easy to do both, but from everything I heard from those who participated, he did a GREAT job!

At the “halfway mark” (250 kicks) we took a mini break and had the Ambler Demo Team do their performance, and I went down the LONG list of people, families, and businesses to thank. Then we got back to kicking!

With Sensei Chuck and Sensei Alex helping out while I went off to set up for my breaking demo, we had many students come up to take their turn at calling out “GO” for a block of kicks. Most, maybe all, of the Leadership Program students, and many of the students who raised over $500 for the event got a turn up front to have 80-90 kickers follow their lead!

After finishing their 500 kicks, they still had enough energy left to celebrate a bit, and also got treated to their second demo team performance of the event, as the Chalfont Demo team did their performance.

The BIG CHECK PRESENTATION and lots of photos followed, it was on to my BREAKING DEMO.
For my breaking demo every year, I always like to do 2 things. Make it a show, and challenge myself. This year, my wife was worried that my sore shoulder would hold me back from my break being successful, but it was not a factor. The BRICKS were! lol. I broke 4 twice with my forearm, but missed the middle stack. Not sure how the bottom brick withstood the force of my smashing foot stomp. My side kicks are my favorite break, and after easily breaking 5 twice, I got 7 out of 8 in the last break. I hope you enjoyed the show if you got to watch it!

After all was said and done, the students and families from the Ambler, Harleysville and Chalfont studio raised a total of $18,500 for Manna on Main St, ( a GREAT local charity that helps so much in our own community. We also brought in over 1,000 lbs of food!

Manna can provide meals to those in need for around $2-3 per meal, so we just provided over 8,000 meals to people who may be “food challenged.”




What can I say? I’m proud? I’m thankful? I’m impressed? I’m in awe? Wow? HOLY COW?

Yep….all of the above.

Every year I’m more impressed than the last. Not because we raise more every year, but because of the generosity of the students and staff at all of our Villari’s locations in PA.

 I say this every year as well when people tell me congratulations and that I did a great job:

If it weren’t for the students and families and staff and businesses who donated their time, money, food, efforts, energy and positive attitudes, I’d be standing in a room by myself yelling “go” 500 times.

It really is a group effort with such great energy. I’m glad that I’m a part of it, and I get to be a part of it every year going forward. It’s an event that gives me energy to look at next year and say “Let’s do it again!”

So, thank you all who donated, in any way, to this fantastically  positive event. All of you. YOU are the reason we were able to help those in need. In a BIG way.

-Master Harry Pfister