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Our mission is to provide every man, woman and child the highest quality of martial arts training so that they become empowered to live richer, more rewarding and meaningful lives, and in so doing, contribute to a stronger community.

  • For over five decades, Villari’s Self Defense Centers have helped thousands of people improve their lives in a powerful, positive way. Step-by-step, students have been transformed from beginners to Black Belts.

  • The martial arts at Villari’s Self Defense Centers have an amazing affect on how people experience life. Individuals ages 4 to 84 have been transformed over the years through Villari’s unique approach to the martial arts and have found training makes their lives more rewarding and meaningful.

  • Our certified instructors are specially trained to help students develop and grow at their own pace using an age-specific curriculum. Classes are taught in a fun and safe environment to ensure all students get the most out of their training.

  • Self-awareness and empowerment are at the core of the Villari program. Students develop a greater understanding of who they really are and what they are capable of accomplishing in life. At Villari’s, students learn to believe in themselves at a whole new level.

  • Whether it’s getting better grades at school for kids or for an adult to decide to change careers, it’s not uncommon for people to make significant improvements in their lives because of the training they receive from Villari’s Self Defense Centers!


The Villari’s Martial Arts Kids Program is built around the foundation of our “3 Rules of the School.”

Villari’s Self-Defense Centers believe we have a responsibility to use martial arts to foster the development of strong character in America’s youth. Our program is designed to balance your child’s physical development with the concepts of Self Discipline, Respect, and Self Control.

  • Self-Discipline – Doing the things I know I should do without having to be asked or told.

  • Respect for Others – Treating others the way I would like to be treated.

  • Self-Control – Controlling my behavior to fit the situation and being responsible for my actions.

These rules provide the foundation for developing your child’s character skills, which leads to success in all other areas of life. Students are encouraged, rewarded, and reminded to follow these 3 Rules at home, in school, and at the Dojo.

Villari’s uses these rules to develop and reinforce the strength of character that is needed to resist peer pressure, drugs and alcohol and all the other forces that make growing up today such a tremendous challenge.

Personal Growth Through the Martial Arts



Shaolin Kempo Karate was founded by Great Grandmaster Frederick J. Villari.

In the last four decades, his fighting system has become widely recognized and respected. His art traces its origin back over a thousand years to the Shaolin Temple of China. Many of the basic methods are still used in his schools today. The present form has become famous because of its very effective “Four Ways of Fighting.”

His genius revolutionized and improved the martial arts, gearing it toward practical fighting for the 21st century. No other master or system can take credit for the unique fighting system of Great Grandmaster Villari – the Villari Shaolin-Kempo-Karate System. He made a valuable contribution to Asian martial arts in the western world, a history that cannot be disputed. Great Grandmaster Villari brought the way of the Asian fighting arts to ordinary people. Before him, teaching the martial arts on a large scale was taboo.

He demystified the myth that only a few select people could have the ability and intelligence to learn the martial arts.

He courageously broke from the tradition in showing westerners of all ages and cultures “the way of the Asian fighting arts.” Great Grandmaster Villari’s personal efforts created the turning point in teaching of martial arts on a large scale.

One of the unique characteristics of the Villari name has been the de-emphasis of tournament competition and the increased focus on self-development. The motto is “It is more important to be successful in life.” Children are encouraged to use their newfound skills and concentration to improve their grades. Adults find their social and business lives improve with increased confidence and self-esteem.

The atmosphere in a Villari’s martial arts school promotes family participation rather than the violence so prevalent in today’s society.

Great Grandmaster Villari is a visionary who sees martial arts helping to develop the character traits lacking in today’s world: respect, etiquette, and moral values that improve our society.

Since the opening of his first school over 40 years ago, Great Grandmaster Villari’s international organization has grown to become the largest chain of martial arts studios in the world.


Master Rick Madore

10th Degree Black Belt

President of Villari’s Pennsylvania
Master Instructor

Master Rick Madore has been training in the Martial Arts for over 40 years. His training started in Shotokan for 2 years and then 1 year of boxing. It was right after his Sophomore year in college that he began training in the Villari’s Shaolin Kempo System.

He still trains with 12th Degree Great Grand Master Fred Villari and 10th Degree Master Mark Grupposo. He is also one of the few Master’s trained in board and brick breaking.

Master Madore is certified in knife fighting defense and is an expert knife thrower. His training in the Kung Fu style of Wah Lam for many years has brought the addition of several weapons forms.

He graduated the University of Maine in 1982 with a degree in Business and Computer Sciences. He opened his first studio in 1985 in Long Island, NY and since then has opened over 50 studios nationwide for the Villari’s organization.

Master Madore is now the President of the Pennsylvania area as well as President of Business Development for Villari’s International. He was part of the developmental team that created the Villari’s Instructor Training Program that is used nationally to train and certify all our instructors.


Master Harry Pfister

7th Degree Black Belt

Vice President of Villari’s Pennsylvania
Owner and Chief Instructor
Villari’s of Chalfont

Master Pfister’s high energy and fun classes keep students motivated and energized. He is fantastic at teaching the different age groups in an appropriate and engaging way. Constantly reinforcing Respect, Self Control and Self Discipline, the students become healthier both physically and emotionally.

Master Harry Pfister started his martial arts training on Long Island, NY in 1989. After being handpicked for the Instructors College by Master Richard Madore, he was selected to run a school in Eatontown, NJ.

After successfully building up the Eatontown school, Master Pfister was promoted to District Manager of New Jersey.

In 1995, Master Pfister was promoted to Regional Manager for the Southeast Pennsylvania Region. Master Pfister assisted with the opening of new locations in the SE PA area, as well as the ongoing training of the instructors/owners.

After taking over the Chalfont, PA studio in 1996, the studio has been used as a model for all Pennsylvania schools as well as the headquarters and training facility for the Pennsylvania Instructors Training Program.

In 2004 Master Pfister was promoted to Vice President of Pennsylvania Operations and now oversees testing for beginner ranks at all SE PA locations.

Master Pfister currently teaches at and owns the Chalfont, PA location, and also teaches a Martial Arts, Self Defense and Fencing course at Montgomery Community College.

He is also active in the community by doing year-round demonstrations for the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and local elementary schools, as well as providing Women’s Self Defense Classes and summer camps for the New Britain Township Police Department.

Since 2007, Master Pfister has been organizing a yearly a KICK-A-THON for a local charity. Through 2016, his students and other area Villari Studios have raised over $80,000 for Manna on Main Street and A Woman’s Place, two local charities that help out the local community in many ways.

During the 80s and 90s, Master Pfister had competed in many tournaments and retired as the international breaking champion. In his last breaking demonstration, he was selected by Grandmaster Villari to break in front of the 3000 spectators at the international tournament as part of the main exhibition of the day.

Master Brian Sebastian

6th Degree Black Belt

Regional Manager, South Central PA
Owner and Chief Instructor
Villari’s of Mechanicsburg

Master Sebastian places an emphasis on self-defense skills in his classes and tailors them to fit with the age group he is working with, and he truly hopes that his students realize that they can accomplish far more than they thought possible and develop the unstoppable drive to succeed.

Master Sebastian began his journey in the martial arts around 1978. “Having been in a fight with a kid in the neighborhood, I realized I did not know how to protect myself”. “I was very surprised how vicious a person can be. I was watching the series Kung Fu on tv and that really caught my attention. Through both self-study as well as training with friends who were involved in martial arts classes I began training with the intention that I would not be on the “wrong side of a beating” like that again, but it did not take long for a passion to develop for the arts that exists to this day”.

During his junior year in high school, Master Sebastian enlisted in the delayed entry program for the United States Marine Corps, which upon graduation in 1984 he reported for basic training at Parris Island. “My time in the Marine Corps not only strengthened the physical aspects of my martial arts training but instilled discipline and a never give up attitude”. Semper Fi

Master Sebastian joined the Villari’s family in 1995 when the Mechanicsburg PA studio opened. Under the guidance of his instructor Master Raymond T. Waity he earned the rank of 1st degree black belt. During this time, he also entered the instructors training program under Master Rick Madore which he completed and was certified as an instructor in the Villari’s Shaolin Kempo system in December of 1996.

Master Sebastian continued to train as well as teach at the Mechanicsburg dojo. In the summer of 2008 he began running the classes full time and purchased the studio from Master Waity in 2009. He is currently the owner and chief instructor of the Mechanicsburg location and was promoted to Regional Manager of the South-Central Pennsylvania area.

Though Master Sebastian still places a strong emphasis on the self-defense skills in his classes and tailors them to fit with the age group he is working with, he truly hopes that the students, especially the children, realize that they can accomplish far more than they thought possible and develop the unstoppable drive to succeed.

Sensei Paul Manili

3rd Degree Black Belt

Owner and Chief Instructor
Villari’s of Chester Springs

Manili has devoted many years to working with children of all ages through work as a teacher, soccer coach, Scout leader, and now martial arts instructor. He aims to ensure that his passion and devotion to teaching children the martial arts are evident in his energetic teaching style.

As a certified black belt instructor in the art of Shaolin Kempo Karate and a role model for younger students, Manili believes that his mission is clear:

“When I first started at Villari’s, I was very eager to learn how to fight. But my mentors taught me very quickly the difference between self-defense and aggression: Martial arts is for self-protection, not for fighting. That distinction made a lasting impact on the way I teach. To help shape our society for the better, we, as teachers, must help shape our children to become credible leaders and believers in a way of thinking and acting that promotes the general well being of others.”

Martial Arts was a passion that began for him at a very young age. In High School, Sensei Paul spent his afternoons learning martial arts in a friend’s garage, which also doubled as a martial arts studio that his friend’s father worked out of. Slowly, the teenager’s confidence grew, and eventually, he learned to defend himself against the school bullies, without hurting anyone! Revenge was not important. Respect was.

When the life lessons he had learned from Martial Arts began to manifest in Manili’s life, he could walk the hallways of the school with a renewed sense of confidence and a stronger sense of himself. The education he was receiving in self-defense intensified, and by the time he reached college, Manili was conducting lessons in dormitory television rooms.

Years later, when Manili became a father, he taught his two children the essentials of martial arts, and then began training again at the Villari’s Self Defense Centers in Elverson, where he achieved black belt status. When the instructor became ill, and could no longer teach, Manili took over the studio. Within two years, he opened his own Villari’s Self Defense Centers Studio in Chester Springs, housed on two floors of the Shoppes at Pickering Mill.

Sensei Paul loves to work with kids. He is a fantastic coach and has a genuine interest in their success. He enjoys watching the students prosper in martial arts, and he is more than willing to do what it takes to help them achieve their goals.


Tom Waltrich

3rd Degree Black Belt

Villari’s of Chalfont

Tom Waltrich began his martial arts training at the Chalfont Studio in June 2008. After two and a half years, he earned his 1st degree Black Belt in December 2010. During the Spring of 2011, he was invited to enroll in the Instructor’s College and completed the program in June 2011.

After periodically filling in for other instructors, he took over the Friday Night classes in Chalfont on a regular basis in October 2014. In December 2015, he earned his 3rd degree Black Belt and continues to study in the Martial Arts.

Tom has competed in several regional tournaments as well as one in Connecticut. He has earned 1st and 2nd place trophies in Sparring and Brick Breaking. He currently studies under Master Harry Pfister (6th Dan) and has attended clinics given by Great Grand Master Villari (12th Dan), Grand Master Gruposso (10th Dan), and Master Madore (8th Dan).

Leon Wiener

3rd Degree Black Belt

Villari’s of Chalfont

Leon Wiener started his karate training at Villari’s Chalfont in 2011 and soon joined the Leadership Program. He earned his first degree Black Belt in December 2013.

He attended the Instructors college, graduating in the summer of 2014. Since then he has lead self-defense classes in the Chalfont, Harleysville and Chester Springs. He is currently the instructor in Chalfont on Wednesday nights. He received his 3rd degree Black Belt in December 2016. He also holds a BA in Computer Science and an MBA from La Salle University.

Personal Growth Through the Martial Arts