Upcoming Events!

9/17/22 Black Belt Test

Master Madore, 10th Degree Black Belt, will be conducting a Black Belt Test for students in PA Villari’s who are ready to go to the next level! Good luck to all!

EDIT: It was a great test as 7 students from Chalfont, 8 from Ambler and 10 from Mechanicsburg, got their black belts or new Dan ranks (Degrees of black belt) Congratulations to all!

And for the 1st time ever, a student actually found a 4 leaf clover! Congratulations Savannah! You just made every future black belt test a little harder!

9/17/22 Kick-A-Thon $60 donations due!

We need to order the shirts by this date to make sure they’re in for the morning of the event! If you have raised at least $60, make sure you turn it in and give us your T-Shirt size so we can order the 2022 Special Design Kick-A-Thon t-shirt!

EDIT: Great job by the students of Chalfont, Ambler and Harleysville on getting your donations and t-shirt sizes in! The shirts have been ordered and should be in for you to pick up on the morning of the event! (Thank yo Master Tori Williams for the great design for the shirts! You’re gonna love it)

9/24/22 Last day to enter to win “Master Pfister’s Hair Design” Raffle!

For just $5, you get 1 chance to win! If you win, we’ll need your choice of hair and beard design so Master Pfister can get it all done in time for the event on 10/1/22! Crazy designs are welcome!

10/1/22 Kick-A-Thon to benefit Manna on Main St.

Come join us for a kid and family friendly exciting event that helps our local community by supporting Manna on Main St.

10/15/22 PA Regional Tournament

On 10/15/22, we will have our first tournament since 2019! All PA students are invited to participate and show off their skills in Sparring, Self Defense, Forms and Weapons Forms!

10/22/22 Grand Master Villari Legacy Celebration


(with a special tribute to
Senior Judan John Fritz)

Saturday, October 22, 2022, 2:00 PM

Sturbridge Host Hotel and Convention Center

Sturbridge MA

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn directly from Villari Master Instructors and Champion Competitors as we celebrate the life and legacy of Great Grandmaster Fred Villari and Senior Judan John Fritz with a fascinating retrospective of their lives, lessons, and accomplishments.

  • Learn winning Sparring and Kata secrets from Villari top competitors and World Champion Villari Master Fred Lapan
  •  Watch and learn exciting sparring, forms, weapons exhibition matches and even a world-record breaking demonstration (MASTER PFISTER)
  • The show will be followed by special clinics and workshops for all ages and skill levels…

No matter your age or experience, this will truly be an impactful once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Reserve your spot NOW as event space and discount hotels rooms are limited and sure to go quickly!

The event starts at 2:00pm.


113 Poplar St

Ambler, PA  19002

(215) 646-9999


New Britain Village Square

4275 County Line Rd.

Chalfont, PA 18914

(215) 997-2222


2850 Shelly Rd

Harleysville, PA 19438

(215) 256-9356


4930 Carlisle Pike

Mechanicsburg, PA 17050

(717) 975-2111